Factors to Consider Before Joining Banner Ad Networks As a Publisher

Selling advertising space is one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog or website. However, instead of marketing your site to individual clients, you can save a lot of time and earn a steady stream of income by teaming up with banner ad networks. This means you don’t have to create your own products to sale on your website or act as an affiliate and promote products created by others. By selling ad space, you’re essentially getting paid every time someone clicks on an ad that’s on your website. Of course, the size of the cash flow depends largely on the number of relevant ads you display. The more ads you display and the more clicks you receive, the higher your income. However, with so many banner ad networks for publishers available online, knowing the right one for you may not be easy. Here are some important factors you should consider before joining such networks.

Control over Displayed Ads

The best banner ad networks do have comprehensive interfaces where publishers can preview a banner, and choose whether they want the specific campaign to be displayed on their websites. This is useful especially, if you and/or your visitors are against certain types of advertising. For example, those that contain references to gambling, tobacco products, or adult content. A good network will let you know about these ads through visual flags in your administration area.


Irrelevant ads not only annoy your website visitors, but also lead to very few conversions. So, it?s important to make sure that the network you want to join provides ads that are relevant to your area of specialization. Your readers are more likely to click on ads of products or services that they?re interested in.

Payout Schedule

There are some networks that don?t pay at all, while others take up to four months to pay publishers. Do your research well, and join only those agencies that have proven to pay promptly. Good networks pay anywhere from every two to four weeks after the clicks have taken place.

Terms and Conditions

Before joining banner ad networks, make sure that you have read their terms and conditions carefully. This is important to avoid breaking the rules that may cause your account to be banned, and consequently lose your money. Since fraud is a major problem in the banner ad industry, you need to look for a network which takes fraud cases seriously, but still gives you enough room to move.


Unless you find advertisers by yourself through direct advertising, the chances of finding $10.00 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads are pretty slim. However, if you shop around carefully, you can still be able to find networks that pay at least $1.00-$5.00 CPM.

Let these factors guide you as you choose the best banner ad networks to monetize your website.

Banner Ad Networks

If you’re new to internet marketing, you may have heard of Google’s AdSense network which has allowed many to make a living online. But you may be wondering are there other alternatives? Google AdSense is a form of a banner ad network, and there are many around. Typically, the way banner ad networks work is that you would sign up with them, have an account created, and they will supply you with their banner ads.

Relevant Ads Are Key

Their ads are mostly tailored to suit your website’s niche, so you would end up serving relevant ads to your traffic. Imagine it as a clearinghouse connecting an advertiser intending to get his work published to the world, and your website serves this purpose, and as a result, you would be compensated with advertising fees.

Cost Per Click and Click Through Rates

This is the simple way to look at it, in a nutshell perhaps. There are many different payment methods depending on the banner ad networks you are working with, which the most popular would be the cost per click or known as CPC. When a customer browses your site, for each click they make on the network ad banner, you will receive compensation depending on the cost-per-click.

This value is obtained from the free market of keyword bidding. In that sense, you can imagine certain keywords are more valuable than others, such as buying and weight loss keywords are more valuable than general info-centric keywords. It would help to serve relevant ads to your traffic, as this would improve your click through rate. It helps immensely that the audience is interested in your topic, and is served up ads relevant to their interest.

Applying To A Banner Ad Network

When applying to banner ad networks, it is helpful to have an already functioning and aged site when applying, and this will improve the chance of approval. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give the ad network a call if needed, as this shows initiative and will help in the approval process.

Keep Your Audience’s Experience In Mind

Keep in mind always, the key to monetizing your website is in the traffic and audience you generate. If you serve constant irritating pop-ups, or an absurd and unnecessarily high amount of banner ads all over your website, your visitors will be affected and you would immediately notice a much higher bounce rate.

Hence, just keep your ads nice and neat, and you will be fine.

How May Banner Ad Networks Benefit Affiliate Marketers?

Many an affiliate marketer may have come across banner ad networks one way or another. Also referred to as contextual marketing, it proves to be a form of targeted marketing for ads appearing on websites or any other form of media.

The ads are chosen and served by automated systems that would go on to enable tracking, targeting as well as report impressions or clicks where they would provide advertisers with targeted ad placements. At the end of the day, this would ensure higher conversion and click through rates.

Affiliate marketers may want to consider using banner ad networks as an additional source of income. The really good thing about doing so is that you are presented with far more options in terms of being creative than ever before.

Instead of spending a lot of time marketing to specific clients, joining networks like these would ensure a steady income stream for many an affiliate marketer. How much you can expect to earn would depend on several factors like how many ads displayed are relevant to the product or service offered.

Good ad agencies will provide a mixture of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost per Click) ads. The latter will pay once a visitor clicks through on a banner ad to land on the advertiser’s site. On the other hand, CPM would pay a set rate per thousand impressions.

Affiliate marketers should aim for a network that pays an average $1 to $4 CPM and at least $0.15 to $0.20 cents CPC.

Another option would be CPA (Cost per Acquisition). However, it has a lower conversion ratio than the other two. Besides being paid once a visitor clicks through and purchases the advertiser’s product or service, an affiliate marketer will also benefit by being paid a percentage in the region of 5 percent for referring other affiliates or advertisers to prominent banner ad networks.

The important thing to remember is to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions before joining. This way you will have a better picture of what you are allowed to do and what not. It would be sad to get your account terminated should you break the rules.

Ensure you deal with banner ad networks who pay promptly. The good ones would pay out 15 to 30 days after month end. Look out for banner agencies who will allow you to practice your own style as an affiliate marketer.