How Pay Per Call Advertising Works For Your Small Business

Pay per call can be one of the most cost effective modes of maximizing online advertising revenue. For a smaller business it is a wise choice as it expands potential reach, offers targeted marketing, is cost effective and can increase sales conversion rates.

This form of advertising has morphed from pay per click (PPC) which was previously an effective form of advertising tied to laptops and PC’s. With the advent of smart phones however, all that has changed. The benefit of PPC was that advertising dollars were only spent when an ad was clicked on.

The result was a more targeted marketing focus and a lower total cost to run an ad campaign. Although impressive in and of itself, consider the power of this form of advertising when linked to a mobile phone and the possibilities are endless.

The value of such targeted advertising on a hand phone is obvious. While focusing on a market segment most likely to make a purchase decision, advertising dollars are utilized in a more efficient manner. Imagine the benefits of having this form of internet advertising available wherever and whenever the customer is carrying their cell pone, presumably always.

Pay per call is a form of online advertising where focused ads are sent to mobile phone users and the advertiser only pays when a sales call is made. Ad dollars are only spent when a potential consumer not only clicks on an ad but actually makes a call. The result is like being offered a steady stream of pre-qualified buyers and all that is left to do is close the sale.

The benefits of pay per call are obvious. as a targeted marketing medium it establishes contact with customers when they are interested in the product and have taken action to buy. It also allows the company to increase customer touch points as the ubiquity of mobile phones ensures that an ad is always within arms reach. In addition it is remarkable insofar as it allows the company to better manage the sales process. The increased speed of the purchase process is dramatic as with the touch of a button a salesperson is now on the line.

In what may be one of the more compelling points of this form of marketing is that this type of internet advertising can be set up without a company even possessing a website. For smaller businesses seeking to enhance their online advertising presence, it is a wise choice.

How Does a Professional Online Banner Promote Small-Scale Business?

Small businesses promote the brand image over the Internet as it is an affordable and effective form of marketing. The online banner is one of the widely used and efficient technique that have been tapped by the marketers running small scale businesses. A professional online banner advertisement is a cost-effective and easy method of promoting the business of an organization. According to a study, if the online advertisement is used efficiently it can deliver impressive results. This form of advertisement has the potential of alluring maximum potential traffic towards the site of an organization. Once the company website receives potential traffic, a marketer can convince target customers to purchase the product by designing a professional looking website with appealing product features. In this way, the online banner plays a crucial role in boosting the sales of the product of an enterprise.

A marketer can design an online banner advertisement with the help of banner creator tools available in the market. These tools offer a wide variety of features to a user to select and create a customized online advertisement. In other words, you can select your own colors, patterns, designs, layout, text, fonts and other such visual elements. Some tools provide you with an option to select the images provided in the database. You can select any of the images that best matches with your business theme. Other advanced computer programs enable a user with an ability to upload the images from the system and use them for designing a unique online advertisement. The layout and complete presentation style can be customized according to the requirement of a marketer. You can even incorporate flash or animated images into the web pages of the promotion. In this way, you can make your online promotion appear attractive as well as impressive. Such impressive advertisements enable an entrepreneur to attract the prospective customers with ease towards the website of an enterprise. The interest is triggered in the minds of customers in the products of an organization motivating them to purchase the product. In this way, you can cost-effectively boost the sales of an organization.

Banner or Pay-per-Click – Which On-Line Advertisement Suits Your Business?

Banners are perhaps the oldest and most common mode of advertisement in the Internet. In its simplest form – it acts like a billboard, spreading a promotional message and helping interested visitors to visit concerned web-site.

Difference between a physical billboard and on-line banner advertisement lies in ability of the later to measure campaign effectiveness. Unlike traditional ad media like TV or print where measuring audience response is difficult – its possible to obtain clear and accurate measurements of success or failure of on-line ads through web traffic analysis.

How good is banner advertisement for your business ? Should you adopt this known and trusted method or prefer new ones like search engine based Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising ? The answer lies in your requirement and an understanding of what banner advertisement can deliver.

Let us discuss various concepts associated with on-line advertisement and analyze how banner advertisement works.

Banner or Pay-per-Click – What Kind of On-Line Advertisement Suits my Business ?

An Organization usually creates online advertising campaign for achieving following goals:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Creating leads and sales

You need to analyze your precise requirements and prioritize the objectives of planned ad campaign. If the objective is brand building or pure promotion – banner advertisement is ideally suited. However, if you are more keen on leads and sales – targeted advertisements such as search engine marketing could be better option. In many cases – a mix of banner ad and search engine marketing could be the answer.

Key Concepts Associated with On-Line Advertisement

Before proceeding any further, it is important to understand a few key concepts associated with on-line advertisements in general and banner advertisement in particular.


Impression is a measure of how many times an ad has been viewed. How many people have viewed a banner ad or received an “impression” by seeing the ad – is a measurement of responses from the ad delivery system. Once a visitor has viewed a banner on a web page – an impression is recorded. Banner views are different from page views in the sense that there may be multiple banner views within one page view. There is another distinction between page view and banner view – some banner serving software do not count a banner view unless the visitor stays on the page long enough for the banner to be fully downloaded from ad server.


CPM refers to cost per thousand (M here stands for ‘Mille’ – the Roman numeral used to represent 1000). CPM is commonly used by the advertising industry to describe how many people have viewed the banner ad (ad view) or received an “impression” by seeing the ad. In other words, this is the price an advertiser pays for displaying his/her banner 1,000 times. For example, an advertising rate of $10 CPM, means the advertiser is paying $10 for every 1,000 impressions, or $0.01 for each banner impression.

CTR or Click-Through

When a visitor gets interested in promotional message of a banner, he/she clicks on it to learn more and is automatically transported to advertiser website. Every time someone clicks on the banner, it is called a “click- through,” and the “click-through rate” is expressed in terms of percentage of users who click on an advertisement (i.e. ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions). In other words, click through ratio is an indication of effectiveness of the a banner.

How Advertiser Pays for Banner Advertisement

Universally, there are two modes of payment for banner ad –

  • CPM
  • Click-Through

In some countries like India – there is a third mode of payment based on duration of time a banner is hosted on a web-site. Typically, special server-based software called ‘ad-server’ rotates banner ads in specified places of a web-site. It also keep track of impressions, click-thorough and other vital statistics. In CPM mode of payment – advertiser pays for number of impressions based on an agreed CPM. For example, if a site charges US$ 9 per CPM – for $450 the advertiser gets $450 / $9 CPM * 1000 = 50,000 impressions If percentage of click thorough is 2 – 4%, advertiser may expect ~ 1000 – 2000 new customers visiting his/her web-site. This is apart from brand building based on number of impressions. In Click-Through mode – Advertisers pays a fixed fee for every click, no matter what is the number of impressions. In time-based banner advertisements (typical in India), advertiser pays a fixed fee based on monthly or quarterly rate, irrespective of the number of impression or click-thorough.

Types of Banners Advertisements

Traditional banner ads were static in nature – usually a .gif or .jpeg image file. With technology advancing – new modes of banner ads appeared in ad scene. Following are some of the popular modes of dynamic banner ads

  • Expanding – Banner gets bigger on clicking – often have a button labeled “Expand”. Rather than jumping to another website – these banners simply open up and reveal more information
  • Animated – Common mode of banner ad these days. However, too many images/messages may render such banners hopelessly large in size, slow and downright irritating. Exercise caution on banner design
  • Drop-Down Menu – These have embedded HTML and allow the user to choose options from a drop-down menu. This mode of banner is ideal for co-op advertising where several businesses can advertise together
  • Interstitial – These appear in a separate window as the website loads. These ads often contain large graphics, animation, and streaming presentations.
  • Java, Flash, and Shockwave – These allow for rich media presentation including video and audio. Common browser toolbars such as Alexa, Google etc. suppress this type of banners
  • Floating Ads and DHTML – These banners float over the content a website and generally perceived as intrusive, although they do get a high click-through rate.
  • Unicast – These are just like little TV ads that run in a separate window.

Checklist for Banner Designers

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while creating banner ad

  • Keep it Simple: Stay simple. Don’t get too complicated with heavy text and confusing colors.
  • Make it smaller in size: preferably under 12K. This way – the banner will be quick to load.
  • Make it Easy-to-read
  • Always use ALT tags for text display on those surfing without images
  • Verify that the banner clicks-through to the appropriate page on your website
  • Limit your use of animation
  • Include a call to action (e.g. Order Now, Visit Web-Site etc.)
  • Test your banners in different browsers at different screen resolutions.
  • Get your web designer to make your banner ads for you in a variety of standard sizes if you are not experienced in advertising.


Lack of targeting and visitor apathy are two major drawbacks of banner ad campaigns. Because of large scale use or misuse – visitors today treat banners as necessary evil and pay little attention. Click through rate of banner ads are much lower compared to other forms of on-line advertisement such as targeted search engine marketing. However, banner ads are more effective in brand building and work very well when the creative is attractive and ad delivery systems can do some targeting.

Create Stunning Banner Ads And Grow Your Business With an Online Banner Design Tool

Every business has to market and promote itself across channels in the digital space to build its base. This building of base means looking to add more customers to the fold. This also implies that you need to make attempt to create brand awareness and get benefits out of it. It’s this very inherent desire to grow and expand which lets businesses turn to marketing campaigns. They want to stand out from the crowd and boost their brand value in the process.

In a sense, businesses want to get the best and most out of advertising. As the entire focus in on the internet, banner advertising becomes a key ingredient in the desire of growing the business and winning the trust of customers. As banner advertising is found to be extremely helpful ways of enhancing the brand recall, businesses have no reason but to make their banner ads as charming, appealing and attractive as possible. They want to make an impact and win attention!

In order to have the best banner ads, they find tools that can help in this endeavour. As they have already invested a large sum of money in hiring creative designers, artists and graphic designers, they want more to reach the desired level of results. And they know tools exist to design or create banners of choice. If the tool in question has quality, it can then meet even the most of sophisticated advertising needs and if not, results can be damaging.

That’s why, they look for a feature-rich and qualitative online banner design tool. Such a tool helps a great deal and if used properly, it can make a lot of difference. It brings opportunities of creating banners of choice. More so, it brings a chance to create multiple designs and then select what suits your purposes the best. The tool helps save time and money and brings a competitive edge to the business.

When a business decides to use the tool, it neither needs the designer to make many ads nor needs to invest in hiring more resources on this front. An awesome design is imparted to banner ads so that they go in channels and catch the attention of the target audience.The tool is PHP-coded and it brings great level of responsiveness. It means, using the tool for creating banner ads is as easy as needed.

One of the best features of the tool is its support to every major browser around. It means, it can be accessed using browser of choice to benefit from its capabilities. More so, the tool brings compatibility benefits across devices. So, be it desktops, mobiles or tablets, it can be accessed from any device type. More so, it has become extremely easy to add text and arches effect.

Using the tool, a business gets freedom to upload images, rotate texts, add clip arts, shapes, change background etc. More so, a whole variety of themes and templates are there to add value to the banner ads. In true sense, this tool is going to be quite handy for the advertising purposes.

Business And Advertising Are Connected In Many Ways

We all as business owners want to have more and more customers in our contacts for encountering a huge profit in exchange of the services and products offered by us. But not all customers come to the business just by wandering around, they have to be called and attracted by the products. This is when advertising plays its role by making sure that the product reaches the hands of the person who needs it.

Advertising is the marketing communication that is used for the promotion and selling of a product or service that is offered by a business. Many people access Fresno advertising to accomplish varied goals and companies use these ads in diverse media for their benefit through many means. In case of a new product launch, it can serve as the pathway towards a larger market, making more and more people aware of the product. The advertisement should be focused on a common problem encountered by people and how your product or service serves as a solution to that particular problem.

One can use this effective means to inform the market about the product and illustrate how the product looks like. Commercial ads seek to generate increased consumption of their product or service by showing the pros inherited with it. Fresno advertising is frequently used for the purpose to show the dramatic product breakthroughs by aggressively highlighting their products. Virtually any medium can be used for the purpose of advertisement and the choice of medium is based basically on the type of product, target audience, popularity of the medium and etc.

The market is analyzed by the advertising agency to understand whether the product or service offered is fit and has all the credentials that will help it to stand in the competition. Customers will never get to know about the product if there is no promotion and advertisement, he/she will not include the product in the decision making process due to this advertising can be both powerful and magical, selling the dreams to the people of the society. The economy also prospers with advertising and allows the people to be aware of the several choices present as well as available to them.

In present market scenario, advertising is crucial and is needed to invite more and more people to use the product in order to quench their thirst. It works as a guide book telling what to buy and what not.

How to Boost Your Online Presence of Business With Banner Advertising?

What is Banner Advertising?

Banner Advertising over the Internet is a kind of hypertext link. It is a graphic advertisement hyper linked to the Uniform Resource Locater of an advertiser’s company website. A user clicks on an online banner and reaches the website of an advertiser. The images contained in a banner promotion are animated Graphics Interchange Format Images. This banner size varies from one web page to another. However, the standard size of a banner is 468 x 60 pixels.

What is the importance of a banner to promote online business?

Online Banners are an effective form of communication for the marketers to promote their company. One can communicate the message of a company efficiently. Banners displayed on other sites enable a user to introduce business to the prospective customers. An entrepreneur can make use of an opportunity to popularize the business. You can reach out to the maximum customers through Internet. One can communicate the message of a company effectively and efficiently. By using animations in an online banner you can allure the customers towards your business. Online banners become an interactive feature for the potential customers. It forms an integral part of online branding of a company among the customers. It creates awareness among the prospective customers about the product as well as the company. A marketer can build a positive and everlasting brand image in a customer’s mind. An entrepreneur can establish his reputation online by creating attractive and striking banners. These banners have the potential to bring your business to the notice of the prospective customers. The success of banners can also be measured. You can measure the success of your banner advertisement through the number of clicks, sales made or the number of page views. This helps a marketer to measure the effectiveness of the banners.

What are the various tools available to create impressive banners?

There are many banner maker tools available in the market to create remarkable web banners. A lot of information and ideas are available on the Internet to create striking banners. The tools provide different templates, graphics, images, animations to select. Advanced tools enable an advertiser to customize the banners to suit specific requirements.

Online Banner Advertising – Pragmatic Choice For Your Business

Banner ads are basically advertisements that appear on any website and many online advertisers sell the banner space to different owners who want more traffic to be directed to their websites. Like a print ad, these advertisements are usually constructed from an image or a script program. Visitors who visit these websites can click on these banners and then the browser loads the page to which it has been directed to. Many online marketers are anxiously taking up banner advertisements for their marketing campaigns.

Banners are found to be generating more traffic when they are designed properly and then placed on other websites. Banners can actually attract lot of instant traffic to your website with their simplicity and design. To make these banner ads more stunning and eye catching they can be built with the help of animations and with some brilliant ideas which are transformed into substantial images and words. The content of these banner ads should be minimum and to the point. Good copy writing skills are required in order to create a banner which attracts lot of traffic. Also the caption which is written for the banner ad should be so arousing so that it prompts the people to click and browse the site.

The size of the banner should also be carefully planned. Basically there are various standard sizes which are generally acceptable for designing banners such as 468 x 60 and 728 x 90 size banners which are generally placed at the bottom of the web pages. Another popular banner size which is used by many popular web sites is the 300 x 250. You should also make sure that you are placing your banner ad on the right web site. The banner which is placed on a particular web page should be directly or indirectly related to the landing page of the banners.

Online Banner Advertisement [] is a skill that once acquired can give your business those extra soaring heights which can generate loads of revenue from this different advertising source along with your conventional ways of advertising.

Why Display Advertising Is Important In Business

In the early days, only a few business sectors were ruling the marketing world, but now many had started introducing individual or team businesses every day. This change will bring new and interesting products to us, but marketers may face many challenges and competition in business. To overcome the hurdles, you can choose online advertising to increase audience reachability and product awareness in people.

What is a banner and why to publish banners online?

A simple image that conveys the brand message of a company and their product information is called an ad banner. People use banners to advertise in public places, but on the internet, you can publish it as a digital or graphic image. When you compare online ads with the street ad, online is reachable because it offers user interaction and better conversion rate to people. An image with a few genuine words about your company or product will convey your concern to the people on the internet.

How to publish the banner on the internet?

A display ad server is used to create and distribute your banners on the internet and it is used to perform revenue sharing among the users. The publisher can sell their advertisement spaces to advertisers and the user can purchase it based on the requirement. The users can create the banner and distribute it on the website zones. The admin has the only privilege to share the income earned in each ad. The ad server has required ad formats for the banner creation, they are divided into the following.

Ad formats

• Image: It follows the standard size of the IAB and support JPG, PNG, and GIF file types.

• HTML: It uses third party tags to deliver the advertisements. It is used to create rich media ads.

• SWF banners or flash banner: It is an animated advertisement which is capable of producing sound and user interaction. It supports SWF file type.

• Text ads: It has a textual description of a product or service along with a hyperlink to the advertiser's website.

• Custom ads: It is a user defined ad format where the advertiser can create it with any desired size. It supports GIF, PNG, and JPG file types.

Why display advertising?

• It requires less manual work.

• The banners can be created using simple tools available online.

• It may reach a wider audience when compared to street ads.

• Adding user interaction in the image may attract the customers.

• Adding innovation to your banner may reap success in business.

You may have big dreams for your business, but if you do not implement the dreams in your products it is difficult to sustain the market position. Though, you advertise frequently on the internet only your better products will reach the people. Ad banners will help only when your business truly impresses the people.

How Banner Ads Can Help Your Business to Grow

Many people question whether or not Banner Advertising really works. The answer is a resounding YES! I have been in the business for many years and I have seen some awesome banner campaigns as well as some that were less than ideal. While banner advertising, whether using a Banner Exchange or actual Banner Advertising sites, can be a very inexpensive way to advertise, it still requires a significant amount of thought and preparation prior to beginning your campaign. Are you going to utilize a Pay Per Click ( PPC ) or a Pay Per Impression ( PPI ) method? I personally recommend the Pay Per Impression due to the significant difference in prices. In fact, if you utilize a Banner Exchange, you can even get your impressions for free!

Let me share with you some suggestions as to what will increase your chances of success with your banner campaign.

The first thing you should do is determine the main goal for your banner ad. Are you trying to collect e-mail subscribers or sign-ups, traffic, sales, etc. It is very important for you to determine the purpose of your ad prior to creating it. Once you set your goal, you can now measure the performance of your campaign.

Is your product looking for a Specific Target Market? If your product only appeals to a small quantity of the population, you need to make sure that the sites that will display your banner will be visited by that demographic. If your targets are teenagers, advertising on a retirement site will probably not get you the conversions you are looking for.

Make sure that your banner text is benefit-rich, simple and to the point. No one is going to read four sentences of text crammed into a 468×60 space. The ads that will perform the best are simple and easy to read. Also, do not overdo the Flash. Web surfers have developed banner blindness for these types of ads and will ignore, consciously or unconsciously, any flashing banner information. In this context, what would the purpose of making an ad flicker, blink and flash if your audience will almost certainly ignore it. Instead, make your banner ads look like valuable content.

One of the biggest mistakes a banner advertiser can make is trying to sell directly from their banner ad. It will typically take multiple exposures to convert a sale. Repeated banner impressions can have an impact, even if the web visitor does not click on it right away.

Create a benefit-rich landing page that offers something free related to your product or service or collects e-mail addresses for follow-up.

Make a special tracking URL for your landing page so you know exactly what your Click Thru Rate ( CTR ) is for your banner. If you have several banners or even several banner companies doing your campaigns, having specific landing pages for each will give you a good idea of how each provider is performing. This also allows you to tweak your campaigns or focus your advertising dollars to the provider that is sending you the customers.

So, how long will it take? That really depends on how long it takes someone to buy your product or service. As a rule of thumb, a high value product will take a longer time than a lower value product. One has to be patient with this type of advertising. If you are going to run an online display campaign, you will need to commit to it all the way, otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and money on what could have been a great opportunity to grow your business!

How Can A Small Business Benefit The Most From Banner Advertising?

It's true that most forms of advertising are suitable for big businesses only. Since big companies don't have any budgetary constraint, they can easily invest some serious money into any kind of advertising and realize their goals easily. Things are not that smooth for those entities that lack budget as they can't enjoy privileges available to big brothers of the domain. Take the case of banner advertising where small businesses can't spend beyond a point and this limits their chances of getting good-looking banner ads on a regular basis. And this mars their prospects and prevents them from reaching to their target audience in a desired manner.

More so, banner advertising can be leveraged fully by only those businesses that have a team of graphic designers working for them and crafting charming ads one after another. All this takes money and this is where cash-strapped entities get lagged behind in the race. Quite clearly, the odds are heavily stacked against those that lack the resources to advertise themselves properly across channels on the internet. This is also the major reason why only big companies go on and garner all the rewards to be had on the internet. This is how the market works and this is how brands are created.

So, the question is bound to crop up, can't small entities survive in this chaotic world where big brands easily benefit from banner advertising? They can indeed survive provided they know the ways to benefit from the advancements of technology. Such businesses should explore the market and try to find some ways or tools to get on the right side of banner advertising. They can take heart from the fact that there are tools in the market that help design banner ads of choice. Such tools are a one-time investment and then, they can help businesses get banner ads of choice on a regular basis.

These advanced tools are available in the market with the purpose of helping those businesses that lack advertising budget or means. Using them, anyone can create some really awesome designs for their banner ads. Using these tools, small businesses can create multiple designs and choose the most attractive one from the lot. In a way, these tools create opportunities to take brand ideas and messages forward and reach to the target audience even without spending anything substantial. What's more, they save money and efforts that are otherwise required in maintaining a staff to create banner ads of choice.

Quite clearly, a small business can get a feature-rich banner design tool and realize its banner advertising goals with ease. Having such a tool means the business needn't depend on a team of graphic designers to get awesome designs for their banner ads. It also means that the business needn't spend on a regular basis to get ads and take their brand ideas to more users on the internet. In overall, we can see how a tool lets businesses get transformed on the back of great banner ads.