3 Easy Ways That You Can Improve Your Business Website

Everyone has a website – from multi-billion dollar corporations to that local pizza joint on the corner. But to make your business stand out from the rest of the competition on the Internet, you need more than a couple of pictures. What do you do to keep customers coming back for more?

There are several easy ways to improve your site and market it so that in engages customers. Following are some helpful tips that can take your website from 0 to great in just a few moments!

1. Find websites that you like. The key here is to find sites that have elements that you can actually incorporate into your own website. For example, if you like cnn.com, you may not be able to emulate everything about their site, but you may like the overall look or ease of navigation. If these are things you feel would help your clients when they visit your website, by all means do them!

2. Less is more. Sure, pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they’re not very useful if your entire homepage is covered with them. When a user goes to your website, their eyes should be drawn to the most important feature. “White” or blank space is a good thing; you don’t want potential clients to feel overwhelmed by too much content!

3. Keep it updated. Too often, owners neglect to place new content on their site, resulting in a loss of interest by potential clients. But putting up content doesn’t have to be difficult. If you own a bar, for instance, a calendar listing upcoming band dates and contests could be of interest to site visitors. Automotive shops could benefit from placing a coupon on the page – your target audience could bookmark and check back frequently for new deals!

These are just a few ideas that could make a drastic change in your amount of business.