Effective Banner Design – Get The Most Out Of Your Banner Advertisements

Any advertising campaign online should use a banner design, but just uploading it online and having them present is far from enough. There are many ways to design and construct a great banner, but, for the most part, most successful banners have common elements that make them stand out. As such, before you decide on a banner and message you have to be acquainted with a few useful tips about the way they should be created.

Here are a few tips that insure an effective banner design for any kind of campaign:

Know your audience: Design the message of the banner ad in such a way as to speak on a personal level to your core audience, to the people most interested in your products or services. Remember the most precious advice of all – you are speaking to one person only, not to a crowd or gathering. Know your target beforehand.

Minimize loading times: Never go for a banner design that takes a long time to load. Keep the file size as small as possible without infringing on the quality of the content. Somewhere around the area of 40 kilobytes should be the limit for static banners, and animated ones should take as little as possible as well.

Brand your advertisements: Use a specific color palette, a specific format, or some other personalization so that you will always be instantly recognized, especially if you run a longer campaign. Using diverging imagery will only confuse your potential clients which in turn will result in mixed results or total misunderstanding.

Always include a call to action: It doesn’t have to be classic, “Click now”, “Learn more”, etc, but you have to tell your target audience via banner ad what to do to avoid confusion or inactivity.

Try to be specific and honest: Advertisements are about solving problems, so you’re not helping it if you promise something that you can’t deliver. When the target has clicked the banner ad and the promise is not fulfilled or not even present, you have missed your mark completely. Make sure your target site and landing page fulfills the promise of the banner ad immediately, if possible step by step. Make sure not only that you can deliver but also that you can deliver as fast as possible.

There are also other, more technical specifications that lead to an effective banner design. It’s also important to use readable type fonts, be consistent about the message and the way it is displayed. Use text sparsely, makes sure that each word is needed, and also be specific about the message. Your target has to be compelled to click and the words in the banner are only there as support, not as the principal content. Visuals can create much more value for the same amount of space, so don’t forget that. A balance of creativity, a solid background in marketing, and researching all you can about the potential clients for your service or product will aid you in creating a banner that gets the job done and get the most out of your banner advertisements.