Travel Banner Ads Tips

There is power in travel banner ads and the following tips will help you to harness that power and catapult your business to new heights. There are a lot of methods of developing buzz and hype online especially when you are encouraging customers to try new travel packages. Exploring banner ads and adding them to your internet marketing campaign is a fantastic way to spread details about your hotel, restaurant, and other travel products and services. Posting banner advertising is amid the most distinctive and is believed to be one of the most effective methods in marketing on the web. You see, banner advertising makes your offer highly visible especially when your ads are placed on high traffic web sites that are related to your niche.

Banner ads heighten the interest in your travel package or your website. This is one of the many reasons why those in the travel industry are very conscious about creating targeted campaigns for their travel products. The more targeted traffic your travel site receives, the better your conversion rate. And the good news is that the average cost of travel banner ads is not as expensive when compared to other traditional paid marketing methods like pay per click. One of the most effective ways to capitalize on travel banner ads is to exchange banners between one or more websites. With a banner exchange you are not spending any money on advertising. However, be mindful of the quality and volume of traffic the site you are exchanging banners with receives.

An important travel banner ad tip is to place the banner on a web page where there is relevant content. For example, placing your travel banner ad on a site about dog training may not be the most effective use of your advertising dollars. Do whatever it takes to send your visitors to a well laid out landing page. Make sure that once visitors click your banner, they are redirected to a page specific to their needs. Put your banner in a strategic location to encourage more clicks. This may require some testing on your part to see what your target audience is more attracted to. Your travel banner should refer to one offer and be focused on one particular area.

Coordinate your travel banner ad with the color of the website. If you are exchanging banners, take a closer look at the site you are going to exchange with in order to create a banner that will easily integrate with their color scheme. Selecting the right colors can make all the difference in the world, so spend some time creating a dynamic banner for each web page it will be displayed on. With all this mind, understand that the travel industry is a trillion dollar industry. The competition is strong and your travel banner ads must set you apart from your competition. Calculate how much you want to spend on your travel banner and then have one designed that fits your offer perfectly. Go to an expert who sets the standard and will work as hard as you do to attract clicks to your travel banner ad.

Banner Ad Networks

If you’re new to internet marketing, you may have heard of Google’s AdSense network which has allowed many to make a living online. But you may be wondering are there other alternatives? Google AdSense is a form of a banner ad network, and there are many around. Typically, the way banner ad networks work is that you would sign up with them, have an account created, and they will supply you with their banner ads.

Relevant Ads Are Key

Their ads are mostly tailored to suit your website’s niche, so you would end up serving relevant ads to your traffic. Imagine it as a clearinghouse connecting an advertiser intending to get his work published to the world, and your website serves this purpose, and as a result, you would be compensated with advertising fees.

Cost Per Click and Click Through Rates

This is the simple way to look at it, in a nutshell perhaps. There are many different payment methods depending on the banner ad networks you are working with, which the most popular would be the cost per click or known as CPC. When a customer browses your site, for each click they make on the network ad banner, you will receive compensation depending on the cost-per-click.

This value is obtained from the free market of keyword bidding. In that sense, you can imagine certain keywords are more valuable than others, such as buying and weight loss keywords are more valuable than general info-centric keywords. It would help to serve relevant ads to your traffic, as this would improve your click through rate. It helps immensely that the audience is interested in your topic, and is served up ads relevant to their interest.

Applying To A Banner Ad Network

When applying to banner ad networks, it is helpful to have an already functioning and aged site when applying, and this will improve the chance of approval. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give the ad network a call if needed, as this shows initiative and will help in the approval process.

Keep Your Audience’s Experience In Mind

Keep in mind always, the key to monetizing your website is in the traffic and audience you generate. If you serve constant irritating pop-ups, or an absurd and unnecessarily high amount of banner ads all over your website, your visitors will be affected and you would immediately notice a much higher bounce rate.

Hence, just keep your ads nice and neat, and you will be fine.

Banner Printing, An Easy and Effective Way of Advertising

Make sure that the banners you are going to select for your brand and product promotions is designed uniquely by the experts. In facts all the businesses opt for some or the other means of advertising medium. One of the most effective media of advertisements have always been banner printing. As a matter of fact, banners have been found to be perfect for promotions, events, launches, and many other roles. But, to ensure its effectiveness, the wise idea to opt for is banners printed by professionals. You just need to select the suitable one to avail maximum benefits in an easier way.

A banner always leaves an impact on the people’s mind when it delivers a message. Mostly, through clear meaning banners of particular brands or products have a great impact, to make the audience react in a very positive manner, the banner should be included with the right images and design, along with the apt layout and text. When you give the banner to be printed in the professional hands, it is made sure that the banner printing will encourage the intended audience.

No matter, the banners are temporary fittings or permanent displays, they have always been one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising. However, when a banner is being printed, there are a few things that must be focused. Some of them are mentioned here in below:

  1. The foremost thing that you should look for is the size of the banner. But before deciding the size, you must ensure the type of the advertisement it is, and also the effectiveness of the advertisement on the audience.
  2. The second thing that you should take into consideration is the color that will be used in the banner. Color plays a very vital role and it also affect the human psychology. There are a few colors that always attract the human beings, and the vice-verse. So, while choosing the color, you should be very careful as it can either make or mar the intention of the banner.
  3. The third thing you must take seriously is the size and style of the font. It is a fact, that you yourself would not appreciate very small or very large fonts. So, the size and style of the fonts should be readable enough. For leaving a better impact on the audience, it is better to keep the color of the font black.

With these, you can expect to come up with a banner that will undoubtedly serve the purpose.

Banner or Pay-per-Click – Which On-Line Advertisement Suits Your Business?

Banners are perhaps the oldest and most common mode of advertisement in the Internet. In its simplest form – it acts like a billboard, spreading a promotional message and helping interested visitors to visit concerned web-site.

Difference between a physical billboard and on-line banner advertisement lies in ability of the later to measure campaign effectiveness. Unlike traditional ad media like TV or print where measuring audience response is difficult – its possible to obtain clear and accurate measurements of success or failure of on-line ads through web traffic analysis.

How good is banner advertisement for your business ? Should you adopt this known and trusted method or prefer new ones like search engine based Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising ? The answer lies in your requirement and an understanding of what banner advertisement can deliver.

Let us discuss various concepts associated with on-line advertisement and analyze how banner advertisement works.

Banner or Pay-per-Click – What Kind of On-Line Advertisement Suits my Business ?

An Organization usually creates online advertising campaign for achieving following goals:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Creating leads and sales

You need to analyze your precise requirements and prioritize the objectives of planned ad campaign. If the objective is brand building or pure promotion – banner advertisement is ideally suited. However, if you are more keen on leads and sales – targeted advertisements such as search engine marketing could be better option. In many cases – a mix of banner ad and search engine marketing could be the answer.

Key Concepts Associated with On-Line Advertisement

Before proceeding any further, it is important to understand a few key concepts associated with on-line advertisements in general and banner advertisement in particular.


Impression is a measure of how many times an ad has been viewed. How many people have viewed a banner ad or received an “impression” by seeing the ad – is a measurement of responses from the ad delivery system. Once a visitor has viewed a banner on a web page – an impression is recorded. Banner views are different from page views in the sense that there may be multiple banner views within one page view. There is another distinction between page view and banner view – some banner serving software do not count a banner view unless the visitor stays on the page long enough for the banner to be fully downloaded from ad server.


CPM refers to cost per thousand (M here stands for ‘Mille’ – the Roman numeral used to represent 1000). CPM is commonly used by the advertising industry to describe how many people have viewed the banner ad (ad view) or received an “impression” by seeing the ad. In other words, this is the price an advertiser pays for displaying his/her banner 1,000 times. For example, an advertising rate of $10 CPM, means the advertiser is paying $10 for every 1,000 impressions, or $0.01 for each banner impression.

CTR or Click-Through

When a visitor gets interested in promotional message of a banner, he/she clicks on it to learn more and is automatically transported to advertiser website. Every time someone clicks on the banner, it is called a “click- through,” and the “click-through rate” is expressed in terms of percentage of users who click on an advertisement (i.e. ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions). In other words, click through ratio is an indication of effectiveness of the a banner.

How Advertiser Pays for Banner Advertisement

Universally, there are two modes of payment for banner ad –

  • CPM
  • Click-Through

In some countries like India – there is a third mode of payment based on duration of time a banner is hosted on a web-site. Typically, special server-based software called ‘ad-server’ rotates banner ads in specified places of a web-site. It also keep track of impressions, click-thorough and other vital statistics. In CPM mode of payment – advertiser pays for number of impressions based on an agreed CPM. For example, if a site charges US$ 9 per CPM – for $450 the advertiser gets $450 / $9 CPM * 1000 = 50,000 impressions If percentage of click thorough is 2 – 4%, advertiser may expect ~ 1000 – 2000 new customers visiting his/her web-site. This is apart from brand building based on number of impressions. In Click-Through mode – Advertisers pays a fixed fee for every click, no matter what is the number of impressions. In time-based banner advertisements (typical in India), advertiser pays a fixed fee based on monthly or quarterly rate, irrespective of the number of impression or click-thorough.

Types of Banners Advertisements

Traditional banner ads were static in nature – usually a .gif or .jpeg image file. With technology advancing – new modes of banner ads appeared in ad scene. Following are some of the popular modes of dynamic banner ads

  • Expanding – Banner gets bigger on clicking – often have a button labeled “Expand”. Rather than jumping to another website – these banners simply open up and reveal more information
  • Animated – Common mode of banner ad these days. However, too many images/messages may render such banners hopelessly large in size, slow and downright irritating. Exercise caution on banner design
  • Drop-Down Menu – These have embedded HTML and allow the user to choose options from a drop-down menu. This mode of banner is ideal for co-op advertising where several businesses can advertise together
  • Interstitial – These appear in a separate window as the website loads. These ads often contain large graphics, animation, and streaming presentations.
  • Java, Flash, and Shockwave – These allow for rich media presentation including video and audio. Common browser toolbars such as Alexa, Google etc. suppress this type of banners
  • Floating Ads and DHTML – These banners float over the content a website and generally perceived as intrusive, although they do get a high click-through rate.
  • Unicast – These are just like little TV ads that run in a separate window.

Checklist for Banner Designers

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while creating banner ad

  • Keep it Simple: Stay simple. Don’t get too complicated with heavy text and confusing colors.
  • Make it smaller in size: preferably under 12K. This way – the banner will be quick to load.
  • Make it Easy-to-read
  • Always use ALT tags for text display on those surfing without images
  • Verify that the banner clicks-through to the appropriate page on your website
  • Limit your use of animation
  • Include a call to action (e.g. Order Now, Visit Web-Site etc.)
  • Test your banners in different browsers at different screen resolutions.
  • Get your web designer to make your banner ads for you in a variety of standard sizes if you are not experienced in advertising.


Lack of targeting and visitor apathy are two major drawbacks of banner ad campaigns. Because of large scale use or misuse – visitors today treat banners as necessary evil and pay little attention. Click through rate of banner ads are much lower compared to other forms of on-line advertisement such as targeted search engine marketing. However, banner ads are more effective in brand building and work very well when the creative is attractive and ad delivery systems can do some targeting.

Exploring Ways of Making Money With Banner Ads

If you want to make money with banner ads, then you have to go beyond the contextual advertising networks. In some cases, contextual advertising simply does not work and requires that you to exercise greater control regarding what is seen in the ad area. This is where you need to use the ad networks.

Compared to their heydays towards the end of 1990s, banner advertising payment rates have without doubt plummeted. However, there is a bit of good news for website owners searching for a reliable and flexible way to make money. These ads have evolved over time to bring with them many different options as well as variations for web masters.

When you team up with a top banner advertising network as opposed to intensive marketing to different clients, it saves you lots of time and gives you a steady income flow in the end. The amount of money that starts trickling in is a beautiful game of numbers – the more relevant advertisements you show, the more you make money with banner ads. Your work is just to implement certain codes in your banner area and the ad(s) will appear. When you associate with these networks, you will be referred to as a publisher or affiliate.

You however need to be careful when selecting a banner ad network; otherwise your effort towards making money with banner ads will stall. Many companies can promise the world, only to disappoint you when the return comes back as zero. Others may encourage very unethical advertising practices, and yet others may fail to pay according to the agreed terms and conditions. Even worse, some of these companies may fail to pay anything altogether.

Ensure that you read terms and conditions before signing with any banner ad company, at least so that you don’t break the rules without knowing them. You want to make money so shop around carefully because payout rates are different between networks. Besides that, check for an ad network that offers different advertising creatives like pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and more means of making money from your site.

Although you may not generate a million dollars via banner ads, they are still good means to recover website maintenance overheads as well as stack some cash in the bank. Well, if you actually generate a million dollars from our pieces of advice, donations will be thankfully accepted. This may not happen, so the best approach here is to target a modest return.

How May Banner Ad Networks Benefit Affiliate Marketers?

Many an affiliate marketer may have come across banner ad networks one way or another. Also referred to as contextual marketing, it proves to be a form of targeted marketing for ads appearing on websites or any other form of media.

The ads are chosen and served by automated systems that would go on to enable tracking, targeting as well as report impressions or clicks where they would provide advertisers with targeted ad placements. At the end of the day, this would ensure higher conversion and click through rates.

Affiliate marketers may want to consider using banner ad networks as an additional source of income. The really good thing about doing so is that you are presented with far more options in terms of being creative than ever before.

Instead of spending a lot of time marketing to specific clients, joining networks like these would ensure a steady income stream for many an affiliate marketer. How much you can expect to earn would depend on several factors like how many ads displayed are relevant to the product or service offered.

Good ad agencies will provide a mixture of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost per Click) ads. The latter will pay once a visitor clicks through on a banner ad to land on the advertiser’s site. On the other hand, CPM would pay a set rate per thousand impressions.

Affiliate marketers should aim for a network that pays an average $1 to $4 CPM and at least $0.15 to $0.20 cents CPC.

Another option would be CPA (Cost per Acquisition). However, it has a lower conversion ratio than the other two. Besides being paid once a visitor clicks through and purchases the advertiser’s product or service, an affiliate marketer will also benefit by being paid a percentage in the region of 5 percent for referring other affiliates or advertisers to prominent banner ad networks.

The important thing to remember is to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions before joining. This way you will have a better picture of what you are allowed to do and what not. It would be sad to get your account terminated should you break the rules.

Ensure you deal with banner ad networks who pay promptly. The good ones would pay out 15 to 30 days after month end. Look out for banner agencies who will allow you to practice your own style as an affiliate marketer.

How To Make Banner Ads Attractive And Realize Online Marketing Goals?

We are now in the digital world where technology shapes the way we live. Brands are not immune to changes brought forward by constant advancements in the technology. Take for instance, the norms of marketing have completely changed with digital taking precedence over traditional. From mobile to social to e-mail to content, the routes of marketing have evolved and entered an altogether different territory. With more people going online and socializing than they ever did, it’s now the turn of brands to head where all the prospects lie. They have to advertise and tap into the ever-exploding potential of the internet world.

In a way, brands have to leverage different techniques and methods of advertising to catch the attention of their target audience, including existing customers and prospective ones. To catch attention, effective marketing campaigns and attractive ads will be needed as they stir imagination and demand some sort of attention. Banner ads have to aesthetically impeccable as only they can they make the heads roll. In a way, your banner ads have to stand out from the sea of campaigns unfurled by other marketers. For that to happen, you need to have a team of creative and experienced graphic designers with, of course, proven credentials.

What if your small business can’t afford any investment in hiring designers? What should be the strategy when the budget is relatively too small to hire creative people? In such scenario, the only option is to design banners ads by own or explore the market to find any advanced tool for the same purpose. It’d be great if you could find a tool as in that case, a lot of time and money would be saved that otherwise get spent on manual efforts. Finding such a tool, and an advanced one at that, means getting the freedom of designing your own banner ads.

What’s more, having a tool will also give the benefit of creating multiple designs at one go and then choosing the one that suits the marketing requirements in the best possible way. With the tool doing all what is needed, a business then won’t need to hire a designer to produce several mock-ups of the banner design. Given so many benefits attached with the tool, it’d really be a great decision to get that one and let the business benefit, at least on the banner designing front. Options are many in the market and you should choose a tool that delivers speed and responsiveness.

In addition, a business should always select a tool that provides multi-browser support feature. The tool won’t serve the purpose beyond a point if it is not compatible with device such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It should enable adding of text, arches effects; should help upload images, rotate texts & images; facilitate adding of shape & clip-art and changing of background. What’s more, the chosen banner designing software or tool should come packed with a huge selection of themes and templates to bring more ideas and more creativity into play.

Make Your Banner Ads Stand Out With Banner Design Software

In today’s ultra-competitive times, advertising has become more important and doubly intense for brands than it ever was. With the rising of stakes coupled with the desire to get even an iota of edge over rivals, no brands want to get left behind in the race to success. Take for example the exiting scenarios in banner advertising where the desire to stand out from the crowd supersedes everything else.

This is why companies try their best to craft as attractive and visually appealing banner ads as none could. Creative designers are hired with great hopes and then fired for not bringing the right artistic imaginations to the core. Thanks to the arrival of a designing tool, banner ads are now a lot better designed than they ever were.

With feature-rich banner design software around, it has become a tad simple to create the design of own choice. It also packs in a big library of templates and themes to help you further.

There are a whole lot of other benefits that come with the software, including:

  • Create a banner of your own choice – You’d feel great with this new-found ability of creating banner of own choice. You can simply create anything and almost everything to meet the discerning and evolved tastes of the marketplace.
  • Create multiple designs and choose the best one – The software gives you a wonderful opportunity of creating multiple designs and then retaining the one that suits the needs the best. That way, you won’t have to live to substandard designs that often damage the brand rather than helping it.
  • You save a great deal of resources – The software gets integrated with websites so that anyone can create banners of choices. With that, the need of having a designer seems redundant and thus, you save both time and money. You become self-sufficient and look for increased ROI.
  • Add, upload and change anything – The banner software comes packed with the ability to let you add text and arches effects. More so, it allows uploading of images, rotation of texts and images, changing of background, addition of shapes or clip-art and saving of design etc.
  • It supports all major browsers – Creating an awesome design for banner ads has never been that easy. Thanks to the arrival of an extremely responsive tool, one can do it with utmost comfort. The tool is designed to support all major and popular web browsers around, together with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome and Safari.
  • It’s accessible from all devices – One of the best aspects about the banner design software is its ability to be get accessed from all devices. So it won’t matter whether you use mobiles or tablets or desktops, you will continue to enjoy the features and functionalities with ease.


It’s thus obvious that your banner ads need to be the best to bring home advantages galore. As it’s not worthwhile to take risks, you must trust only a tool that promises to fetch you the best of designs and results.

Use A Feature-Rich Online Banner Design Tool And Gain More From Your Advertising Investment

A business has to market and advertise itself properly across channels on the internet to reach to a wider market. Without proper advertising, it would not be possible to reach out to more users and create brand awareness. After all, the more users a business reaches to, the more prospects it gets. It’s the advertising efforts that help create a brand identity and promote the virtues of the business among the users. And once more people know about your business, the more it grows.

In essence, your business has to benefit from every kind of advertising method that is within the reach. It has to leverage banner advertising fully to tap into the ever-rising prospects on the internet. Thus, your banner ads have to be as charming and visually appealing as possible. These ads have to look unique and distinctive to easily stand out from the crowd out there. If they don’t make an impression, it would not be possible to catch the attention of the target audience.

It’s therefore important for your business to find a quality banner designer tool to create banners of high quality. The tool has to be rich in features, together with delivering simplicity of use and operational ease. It has to help businesses create multiple designs and choose the best from the lot. And once the best design is found, the rest can be left out. This way, a lot of time is saved and the desired design is found with the least minimum investment possible.

Similarly, the tool has to help in saving of money that is otherwise spent on hiring a team of designers and getting banners out of them. It also has to save the business the inconvenience of trying several mock-ups of the design before finding the most suitable one. After all, a high-quality tool has to assist in the creation of an awesome design for banner ads. In the end, it’s the design that makes the heads roll and catch the attention!

Additionally, your business needs to search and find a tool that is PHP-coded. If it’s not, it will never deliver the desired level of responsiveness and speed needed with the designing. More so, the tool has to offer multi-browser support feature where it has to be accessible from all the major and popular web browsers around, be it Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari etc. It should also be compatible across all devices to let users access it anytime and from anywhere.

Furthermore, a top-quality online banner design tool brings the feature of adding text and arch effect. It also helps one upload images, add shapes and rotate texts with ease. That apart, it also enables changing of the background and saving of design to boost the capabilities of the business. You can also benefit from its built-in templates and themes to add a great effect and value to banner designs.

Overall, your business should take its advertising efforts seriously to gain the most out of it. After all, you will need more people and their attention to gain rich rewards!

Create Stunning Banner Ads And Grow Your Business With an Online Banner Design Tool

Every business has to market and promote itself across channels in the digital space to build its base. This building of base means looking to add more customers to the fold. This also implies that you need to make attempt to create brand awareness and get benefits out of it. It’s this very inherent desire to grow and expand which lets businesses turn to marketing campaigns. They want to stand out from the crowd and boost their brand value in the process.

In a sense, businesses want to get the best and most out of advertising. As the entire focus in on the internet, banner advertising becomes a key ingredient in the desire of growing the business and winning the trust of customers. As banner advertising is found to be extremely helpful ways of enhancing the brand recall, businesses have no reason but to make their banner ads as charming, appealing and attractive as possible. They want to make an impact and win attention!

In order to have the best banner ads, they find tools that can help in this endeavour. As they have already invested a large sum of money in hiring creative designers, artists and graphic designers, they want more to reach the desired level of results. And they know tools exist to design or create banners of choice. If the tool in question has quality, it can then meet even the most of sophisticated advertising needs and if not, results can be damaging.

That’s why, they look for a feature-rich and qualitative online banner design tool. Such a tool helps a great deal and if used properly, it can make a lot of difference. It brings opportunities of creating banners of choice. More so, it brings a chance to create multiple designs and then select what suits your purposes the best. The tool helps save time and money and brings a competitive edge to the business.

When a business decides to use the tool, it neither needs the designer to make many ads nor needs to invest in hiring more resources on this front. An awesome design is imparted to banner ads so that they go in channels and catch the attention of the target audience.The tool is PHP-coded and it brings great level of responsiveness. It means, using the tool for creating banner ads is as easy as needed.

One of the best features of the tool is its support to every major browser around. It means, it can be accessed using browser of choice to benefit from its capabilities. More so, the tool brings compatibility benefits across devices. So, be it desktops, mobiles or tablets, it can be accessed from any device type. More so, it has become extremely easy to add text and arches effect.

Using the tool, a business gets freedom to upload images, rotate texts, add clip arts, shapes, change background etc. More so, a whole variety of themes and templates are there to add value to the banner ads. In true sense, this tool is going to be quite handy for the advertising purposes.